Marble is a rock known for its unique and recognizable look, which combines a natural aesthetic with amazing patterns and colours in nuances like white, grey, black and green.

Elements made from marble have a simultaneously raw and soft expression. With marble, you can add a natural but still stylish, elegant and exclusive look to e.g. the kitchen or bathroom. 

Greek marble

We carry beautiful high-quality marble. The marble is extracted from a marble quarry on the island Thassos, and from the Cavalla area near Athens. You can choose between many different types of marble in different colours, designs and patterns when getting your marble from us. We custom-make designs so you will get exactly what is right for your style and your project.

We know marble

We make different kinds of projects with marble and it is important to us that you get your dream result in the end. We are greatly passionate about marble and specialize in this particular material. With us as your marble supplier, you are guaranteed great service and quality as well as competent guidance.

A wide range of applications 

With our expertise, we can offer many different solutions and elements made in marble for both private and commercial customers.


We deliver to e.g.:

  Private​ customers    //       Renovations     //       Constructions     //       Restaurants     //       Hotels     //       Receptions     //       Shops


Use marble for elements such as:

  Windowsills​     //       Table tops     //       Floors     //       Kitchen counters     //      Showers     //       Counters     //       Facades    //      Bathrooms​     //    Decorations     //       ... and many more