Our greek marble quarry

Michelakis owns the rights to mine marble from a mountain on the island Thassos and in the Cavalla area on the mainland near Athens.

From there they can extract some of the world’s most beautiful marble. Since they have both the marble and all equipments needed to process it, we can shape the marble to fit your design dreams.

Pernille Lind Studios


Brilliant London-based designer

Pernille has been a designer on many high-end projects. We have had the pleasure of working with Pernille over several years, and she has also designed her own mosaic tiles collection in collaboration with us.



Supplier of microcement, filler, glue and facade systems

We have worked with Thrakon for a long time and they provide us with the professional service needed for us to always deliver a great end-result to our customers.

Manns + Nielsen


Danish-based design office

Manns + Nielsen designs beautiful retail buildings, carhouses and residential homes. They are based on Amager and have been a good partner to us. 

Lind & Almond


Architect and design partner based in London

Lind & Almond are the designers behind the award-winning Boutique Hotel Sanders. 



Swedish supplier specialized in hotels

We have had an amazing partnership with SIFAB through many years and they have a dynamic, professional and personal approach to their many projects throughout Europe. 



C/RO In and Outdoor living

We have a great partnership with designer Camilla Rosén who owns the renowned and award-winning Danish interior design company C/RO In and Outdoor living. Amongst others, C/RO have designed for IKEA. Camilla's designs brings out the characteristics and natural beauty of marble.



A german company

Alpira kan deliver anything you desire for hotels, retail and more such as furniture, flooring, curtains, sanitation etc.

Craft People


Craft team

Craft People does construction work on hotels, residential homes and retail shops. We have a good relationship with Craft People and use them when we need to recommend someone to put down tiles made from our marble. They are very competent when it comes to our products.