If you want a modern, rustic and Nordic style in your home, microcement is a good choice of material. Microcement is a beautiful material that gives you the opportunity to get a modern and stylish vibe at a reasonable price. Microcement is a thin layer of cement that can be used for many different elements such as floors, walls, tables, furniture and so on.

Durable and easy to maintain

When using microcement the finished result is both durable, water resistant and low-maintenance. Because of this, the material is particularly suitable for areas which are exposed to a lot of wear, e.g. floors and stairs. Furthermore, microcement can be used for indoor as well as outdoor projects.

Make your wishes come true

When using microcement the look of the final result can be made to fit exactly what you want. We can create microcement elements in multiple colours and nuances as well as with different structures – so you can get just the look you want. With our great expertise we can guide you to the right solutions.

Get a great end-result

Microcement has to be applied correctly at each layer to achieve the beautiful and durable result. The first layer provides mechanical strength to protect against cracks. The final layer has to be adjusted with high precision to secure a high chemical strength. This makes the result water and spot resistant. You should always use certified professionals when creating elements with microcement to make sure that your final result will be long lasting.

We offer

We use microcement of a high quality and we offer solutions in different colours and structures. Our microcement comes from Thrakon which is a recognized supplier in the marble business who delivers products that can create the best results. Microcement is particularly suitable for renovations because it can be put on top of other existing materials.

With our expertise and business partners we can deliver and install microcement elements to private as well as commercial customers.


We can deliver to e.g.:

  Private customers   //      Renovations    //      Constructions    //      Restaurants   //      Hotels    //      Receptions    //      Shops


Use microcement for:

  Floors    //      Stairs    //      Tables tops    //      Ceilings   //      Kitchen counters    //      Showers    //      Counters    //      Bathrooms    //      Sinks    //      Swimmingpools    //      ... and so on