If you need exterior insulation for your building, we can offer effective solutions. 

Effective thermal insulation

We can provide an external insulation for your house that will be both aesthetically pleasing, good for the environment and save you money. With the complete external thermal insulation system ClimaPlus we can quickly get your building insulated.

The ClimaPlus insulation system provides a coverage that reduces the heat penetration from both inside and outside and this makes the insulation effective all year round. On average ClimaPlus can reduce the energy used for cooling or heating systems with up to 60% a year. The insulation will not only save you money, it is also an environmentally friendly solution.

Keep the heat inside – and out

During winter the insulation will reduce the amount of heat lost from the building. With the change in heat loss, the energy needed to keep the house nice and warm will also be reduced and that means you can save money on heating.

It is becoming increasingly popular to install various cooling and heating systems or airconditioning in Danish homes to keep the summer-heat at bay. For this purpose, ClimaPlus insulation can also be an advantage since the material lessens the heat penetrating into the building.

Multiple advantages with external cladding

Besides the insulation effect in itself, there are various advantages to thermal insulating a building with a system like ClimaPlus.

Advantages of thermal insulation installed over the exterior walls of the builing:

  • Higher effectiveness – As opposed to using internal insulation, no walls will cross through the insulation and create thermal bridges
  • Fewer problems with moist – The outer walls will be kept dry and protected against moist
  • No difference in living area – When using external insulation the size of each room and the living space will remain the same
  • Easy solution – No hassle from having to move power sources, furniture and anything else during the installation
  • Face-lift for your building – The building’s exterior will get a nice new look and will function as a renovation

Complete external thermal insulation system

ClimaPlus consists of:

  • Thermal insulation plates
  • Coating on the thermal insulation plates
  • Mesh to reinforce the coating
  • Coloured primer
  • The final coloured and decorative plaster, which gives a good-looking final result

The systems depreciation time is relatively short and ranges from 4-8 years.

Contact us to find out what we can do for you in regards to external insulation of your building.